Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The West Wing and Forbes Logistics Goes Live

Back in August, I reported that the Forbes.com was launching a supply chain logistics website in the business section of the Forbes.com website managed by supply chain pundit Bob Malone. Well the site is now live and features both editorial and video content.

As I said in August, this is significant because it elevates the supply chain to the readers of Forbes.com, which 25% is comprised of c-level executives and senior management, according to its demographics breakdown. So the supply chain is making it out of the basement and into the boardroom. Good news for all.

Lastly, in my quest to highlight the use of supply chains in Hollywood, last Wednesday's episode of the West Wing (a drama sitcom based on a fictitious White House) featured the Port of Baltimore. The Port was used for a campaign speech on homeland security by the vice president-elect Leo McGarry. It was probably filmed on some studio lot, but it was good to see that even Hollywood recognizes that securing the US Ports should be and is a top priority.

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