Sunday, July 20, 2008

iPhone Inventory Issues

I am still reeling at the fact that I didn't get an iPhone last week. First I waited in line for 30 minutes at T-Mobile in Hietzing, a small suburb of Vienna. They only had 3 iPhones and didn't decide to share that with the 12 people in line until they officially were sold out.

Then I scrambled to the two T-Mobile shops in city center. Both sold out moments before I arrived. I forgot to mention that I also ordered an iPhone on T-Mobile's website the Tuesday before the launch only to get an email two days later telling me that they were having issues with processing credit cards.

Apple and T-Mobile you know how to delivery the hype, but not the product. What drives me even madder is how AMR Research gave Apple the supply chain of the year award! If you can't manage supply and demand, even after you've had a year to gauge the markets reaction with the first iPhone, a supply chain leader you are not.

UPDATE: Today I just received an email from T-mobile. Here is the translation in broken German to English: "We received just now the following current report. There are momentarily delays with your wished product. According to current information your order will leave next week our and soon it will arrive."

If Apple really did have the #1 supply chain this email would have told me exactly when my iPhone would be arriving with a tracking number.

Either way, I can't wait to get the damn thing. It's so cool!

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