Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Economist Intelligence Unit: Global Supply Chains: Understanding risks and rewards

The Economist Intelligence Unit, a side business, but totally separate, division of Economist Magazine, has just published a really good report called Global Supply Chains: Understanding risks and rewards. If you think supply chains are just logistics or just procurement, read this report and it will give the the broader picture. It was sponsored by Oracle, but I certainly didn't read any bias.

Also, in an effort of full disclosure, IBM was interviewed for the report to discuss its own supply chain. There is a great IBM supply chain case study about how the financial market crisis in the US, required a client to order 300 servers and have them ASAP to support an increase in online activity based on the crisis. The supply chain team delivered and shipped all of the servers from Mexico in 72 hours.

You can download a free copy of the report here. If you celebrate Christmas, consider it my gift to you. Happy Holidays. Speaking of holidays, I'll be back in New York for a few weeks. When I get back I'll have updates on shipping my car to Europe.

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