Monday, July 02, 2012

IBM 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report Out with Supply Chain Goodness

IBM released its ninth annual Corporate Responsibility Report today. Here are some highlights from the supply chain section.  

Supplier Spending: $36.5 Billion Total in 2011
2011 Supplier Spending by Category
Dollars in Billions

  • In 2011, approximately 90 percent of IBM's global spend in Production and Logistics Procurement (in support of our hardware and logistics business operations) occurred with 50 firms.
  • In 2011, IBM conducted 222 full audits and 240 re-audits for a total of 462 assessments of suppliers in 21 countries, the largest single year activity to-date. And we launched assessments for the first time in Turkey, Russia, Nigeria, Kenya and Indonesia.
  • In 2011, IBM conducted $3.2 billion of global business with first- and second-tier diverse suppliers. Of that, $2.5 billion was conducted with first-tier suppliers (world wide), up from $2.3 billion in 2010, inclusive of $881 million of business with first-tier, non-US-based diverse suppliers.

Full disclosure, I am employed by IBM.

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