Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Analytics Powering the Next Evolution of the Supply Chain

As an employee and shareholder I am currently listening to the live stream of IBM's investor's meeting . 

Linda Sanford, senior vice president of enterprise transformation, is currently presenting. Her fifth slide grabbed my attention, which focuses on IBM's Integrated Supply Chain.

The chart, pasted below, focuses on how IBM is using analytics to not only optimize the supply chain, but to actually predict how issues in the world will impact operations.

In the chart below you can see several spikes, which stem from the two natural disasters that recently occurred in Asia and based on analytics the supply chain was able to avoid certain shortages based on knowing the historical sales forecast and what parts are available with suppliers.

A replay of the presentation and a copy of Linda's chart's are available here.

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sunil said...

Analytics has got huge scope to get integrated in supply chain in terms of analysing spend data. Many analytics firms such as Musigma have already signed on clients for supply chain projects.

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