Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally, Gap Inc. gets globalization

Granted it took a few years and several blog posts of me complaining, but finally Gap Inc has partnered with a global logistics company to ship it's clothing lines from Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy to 50 countries worldwide, with more coming soon.

The company called FiftyOne doesn't, ring a bell, but no matter, they seen to be playing the role of 3PL. If any readers have worked with them before please comment. Curiously, the European Union is still a work in progress, yet Macau and Nepal are covered. No matter, yours truly is covered in Switzerland. Through it does beg the question why FiftyOne was selected and not a 3PL that already has agreements with the EU in place. I would love to get down to the bottom of that. I will be even more curious of how this impacts the next earnings announcement.

Gap, if you are reading I will be placing my order soon.

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