Sunday, September 27, 2009

Accounting for Everything in the Green Supply Chain

Apple just launched a new set of web pages dedicated to proving that they have a socially responsible supply chain. While it is very open and informative, to really "account for everything" as the website declares they need to go back further then just manufacturing and logistics. For example, what about the carbon emissions released when the trees are cut down and turned into pulp to make their boxes or when the aluminum is manufactured? They are only measuring when they take ownership of the goods, though on the other end they are taking responsibility for the consumer, i.e. the power use and recycling, which many don't consider in their numbers.

Either way, I applaud the openness of the data and I do feel better as a consumer. Lets hope and the Copenhagen event in the next few weeks public officials can do their part.


Perceptant 101 said...

I applaud Appple for this initative. Supply Chain's are becoming more transparent and this is an excellent example of orignal thought! Regarads Matthew @ said...

What does everyone think of the importance of using online simulation games for learning and developing your own supply chain and logistics?

Such as this one:

Unknown said...

Hi Christopher,

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