Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yantian Port 10 Years, What a difference

I recently came across a new IBM advertisement that brought me back to those puzzle book games I played as a child. You may recall as well. You are presented with two or three drawings side by side and you have to find what is different. Well if I played that game with the photos of Yantian Port, Guangdong Province, in China, the entire page would be covered in circles. The ad compares the port in 1996 to what it looks like today and it's really startling.

Click here to download the high resolution PDF.

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Toby Gooley said...

Hey Chris,

At a CONECT (Coalition of New England Companies for Trade) conference, Herb Rothstein, one of the "grand old men" of our international trade community here in Boston, showed a slide of the Yantian area in 1983. In his photo, a woman wearing a straw hat was poling a Boston Whaler-type boat that was piled high with loose cartons of shoes destined for the United States. The river was calm and quiet, with lush green foliage along the banks. Then he showed a photo of the Yantian area today--like the difference between the Amazon rain forest and the Mojave Desert.

Thanks for all the interesting info on your blog; haven't checked in for a while, and it looks like there's plenty to keep us supply chain nerds busy. :)