Thursday, October 30, 2008

Internally promoting supply chain security and compliance

For this post I'd like to share a best practice. For the past month I've been working with IBM's internal supply chain security and compliance team. They came to me for help to promote the importance of their work to the IBM employees around the world. The result was internal memos, postings on our intranet a wiki to share best practices and a series of videos. The videos were shared more than 4,100 times from the last count and for me and the team that equals success. Most of the videos were humorous in nature. In one video, an employee illustrates the importance of including the right country of origin and the right value declaration when shipping things - he takes these rules for granted and eventually gets investigated. In another video, an employee talks about the importance in making sure the count is right for a bulk order as she counts individual tie tags that total more than 10,000.

While only a few minutes each, I think because they were funny employees shared them and in doing so spread the world. For the internal article we included a more dramatic video that I posted above to help stimulate you to think about promoting similar messages within your own company. After all, we all share the same supply chain.


Bob Byrne said...

Hey Chris!
Thanks for the external exposure!

FoxfireWMS said...

Thanks for the note. Have you gotten any good feedback on this? We at Foxfire have tried formalizing this method and have had good results at clients.

Kendall Gordan, SE

Unknown said...

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