Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Using GPS to track cargo containers

Many months ago I blogged about some new services that were being created to help shippers track cargo using wireless technologies. Well a new one has recently gotten my attention by a little known company called arviem. One of the founding partners of arviem is a former colleague of mine Stefan Reidy. I only had the chance to work with Stefan for about 6 months and he had a passion for supply chains that matches mine, which is why I'm not surprised to see that company has launched.

The best way to describe arviem's service is to use a simply analogy. Let's say you are importing a container filled with bananas. While its very easy to get an estimate when this container will arrive, what if you could have real time updates when that container is in the middle of the ocean? And what if you could find out what the temperature of the container to make sure your bananas aren't going to spoil. Or what if some Somalian pirates decide to steal your container? Wouldn't it be great to track it down? Ahhh. Now you see the power of this solution.

Sweet Life already knows this. They are an innovative producer of high quality sweeteners, breath mints and semi-pharmaceutical products, has begun working with arviem to improve its global supply chain visibility for trade lanes between China and Europe.

To read more check out the press release here.


Logistics Malaysia said...

Our company, working with affiliates, has begun using GPS tracking devices as a means to combat the theft and hijacking of container trailers, not just prime movers. One of the challenges is the battery-life.

Do you have any information on the other interesting albeit more passive RFID in container transportation?

Stefan Reidy said...

I have two answers to your question:
1.) The device we are using has a battery life time of 2-3 years
2.) Because we (arviem) are offering a service, our clients do not have to care about battery life time. It is part of our service to make sure, that the device is at the right time at the right place with a device, that is working (incl. battery).

- Stefan Reidy, CEO arviem

FoxfireWMS said...

Question: How well does this solution work if placed within a container? For example at the pallet level for high value goods.

Kendall Gordan, SE

Unknown said...

hm... You won't work even with GPS when you meet such companies like

It's form Poland, but i think it's about all Europe :/ Could you help with that manifesto? It need to be louder than bombs...