Thursday, October 25, 2007

10,922 Loads in 72 Days

A few months back I posted about a show on the history channel called Ice Road Truckers. The premise was simple. The show followed 5 truckers shipping cargo to diamond minds located just south of the Arctic Circle in Canada. Well after about 20 episodes the season has wrapped up and the final run illustrated some serious logistics in action. In total, they trucked 10,922 loads in 72 days. In terms of weight, 622,000,000 pounds. The driver they called the "polar bear" trucked the most, making 37 trips, which equaled 722 tons. His cut $58,000. Doing some quick math, that's about $805 a day. Would you drive a truck with 30,000 pounds of cargo, on 15 inches of ice for 300 miles in below freezing weather? Whether you would or wouldn't you gotta show respected to these logistics professionals that do. I hope they bring the show back next year.

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Jeff said...

Global warming will put these guys out of work sooner rather than later. The recent opening of sea routes into the area will make them a seasonal alternative only if not altogether obsolete with the economics of the different modes the ultimate determinant.