Monday, September 16, 2013

The $167 million Supply Chain Flick

Back in November 2010 the movie Unstoppable hit the theatres and made $167 million dollars, but somehow I missed it. Luckily last night E4, the UK channel, aired it as the Sunday night movie.  I share this with you because Unstoppable, which is loosely based on the CSX 8888 incident, is a great supply chain movie.

The premise of the movie is simple. A runaway train carrying explosive chemicals is headed for a small town and only two train conductors have the skills to stop it. The movie is based on what happened in real life in Ohio back in 2001.

Once you strip out the drama, the movie highlights the importance of freight trains in the global supply chain. So grab some popcorn and share this movie with your family on the next rainy day. It's a good movie and its about supply chains, what else do you need?

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