Monday, November 21, 2011

Logistics of the Holiday Season

From our friends over at Derby. Some incredible stats. Enjoy.

Logistics of the Holiday Season
Logistics of the Holiday Season


Unknown said...

I love the infographic illustrating stats related to trade and Christmas. (BTW – this UPS infographic is also very cool: Overall I am fascinated by logistics and supply chain management. Especially pre-consumption, primarily driven by a very strong segment of consumers focusing on a products origin as well as disposal. Kind of a cradle2cradel concept. Overall I believe that this segment in the market place ultimately will pusch the logistics providers to focus even more on greening of the supply chain. In effect, I also muse that social media will be the channel of communication, carrying the message forward. I blog about it at:
Anna Soderstrom, The Fringe Embassy

ITCL said...

The increasing share of mobile shoppers is interesting. And i think our logistics is still not prepared for this transformation.

ITCL - Transfer Center for Logistics Planning and Innovation