Friday, February 01, 2008

Improving the logistics of delivering pizza

Just in time for the Super Bowl, which is also apparently the busiest day of the year for pizza makers, Domino's Pizza has created the Pizza Tracker. Domino's is a US based pizza chain and to help improve customer service they are starting with logistics - ahh the delicious smell of the supply chain.
It works quite simply. Once you place your order the tracker follows your pizza from prep to bake to box to delivery. They aren't using RFID tags or GPS tags on the pizza. I believe they simply know the average time for each step and simply start the tracking counter once the order is taken. But, it would be very cool if they were using RFID on the box or perhaps on some sort of high tech pizza tray that is always sitting under the pizza tracking it all the way. The RFID reader could also tell you the temperature in the oven. Why you'd want to know that, I'm not sure, but it would be cool. Then obviously, GPS in the delivery truck could take over.


Eric said...

Nice, fun article!

Give the driver a scanner and let him time stamp the delivery. That would at least produce some data relative to the real time it takes to deliver to the home/office or whereever.

Thats useful data for store location as well as potential green footprint on driver routing when coupled with standard car GPS.

peter said...

Its great to hear that Supply Chain Management Services are showing their interest at developing the customer services by merging it with Domino's Pizza in order to improve customer services by creating a Pizza Tracker and track down the customer satisfaction level.