Friday, August 10, 2007

Supply Chain Art

Artist Chris Jordon has a new exhibit out visually representing mass consumption in America. In the image below, which is 60 x 100 inches depicts the 75,000 shipping containers, that are processed through American ports every day.

Detailed close up:


Niketan said...

Great Artwork
This is just offtopic. But have you read the book 'Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management' by James Martin. If yes, what is your opinion about it?

Are there any other books - recent ones that feature updated topics- that you can recommend? I have ordered David Blanchards book.
Any information would be useful.

Christopher Sciacca said...

Sorry, I hadn't gotten a chance to read James Martin's book. I read Yossi Sheffi's book on supply chain security recently and that was very
interesting. And about a year ago I read "How to Make an Elephant Dance"
IBM's transformation story by Lou Gerstner, which has a few chapters on
supply chain.

niketan said...

Thanks for the feedback.Are you aware of effective case studies that have used Lean Six Sigma techniques for inproving the Supply Chain processes

Christopher Sciacca said...

I have some but they are copy protected. Try the analyst firms like Gartner, IDC or AMR Research.