Thursday, February 08, 2007

Does the world need another supply chain book?

The deluge of supply chain books that have been pumped out since "The World is Flat", which made mega millions for Tom Friedman, is in the thousands. I should know, I bought a few books from and now they send me coupons anytime the words "supply" or "chain" makes it into the title. But one in particular was just published by a name you may recognize - David Blanchard. David was the editor for Logistics Today and now he is the editor in chief for IndustryWeek magazine. His new book "Supply Chain Management Best Practices" is just what it says on the cover. No gimmicks, no fat, just the hard facts about what it takes to build a successful supply chain from those that are doing it. It's also organized like a really long magazine, where it details the supply chain by industry, auto, chemical, consumer, etc and then it breaks down the supply chain into the common parts like procurement, logistics and manufacturing. Towards the end it looks at the future regarding globalization, RFID and the supply chain profession. Overall a solid performance by David on a subject that is top of mind for CEOs around the world If you don't believe me, has posted a digital version of the book online. Click here to take a look.

As a disclaimer, I actually arranged for Dave to speak with some of my colleagues.

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