Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Memo from S. Claus, SVP Global Gift Supply Chain

Memo from S. Claus, SVP Global Gift Supply Chain

‘Twas the run-up to Christmas, and up at the Pole
Mr. Claus was pursuing his fourth-quarter goal,
But as ‘Dear Santa’ letters came faster and faster,
He perceived an impending supply chain disaster.

"This ‘Nice’ list’s a monster – I wouldn’t complain,
But it means that our forecasts were way off again.
All my time at the workshop is spent fighting fires,
And I can’t pay my tinsel and ribbon suppliers."

"‘Cause I’m losing my shirt on alfalfa expenses,
And the Elf Local 20 won’t come to its senses.
Our sugarplum vendor’s behind on our orders,
And Customs is giving me grief at the borders."

Santa picked up a pen and he picked up this card.
“To admit I can’t manage is harder than hard,
But to let down the children would just be a crime -
I have got to deliver in full and on time!"

"So to make Christmas merry, here’s what I must do:
I’ll just have to outsource operations to you.
Thus I send this request out to you this December,
Via S.C.E.B. (of which I am a member)."

"Please keep the trees twinkling and stock up the shelves,
Since you do not depend upon livestock and elves.
You must deck all the halls and fill up all the stores,
Because Santa’s supply chain is counting on yours."

This was originally written by Aaron Franklin, Supply Chain Executive Board

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