Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Reverse Logistics of Global Battery Recall

So the laptop battery recall hit me. No, fire, but after checking on the serial numbers of my Apple previous I was asked to return my primary and back-up batteries to Apple for replacements.

The process was simple enough using an online form. Roughly, four weeks later I received the new batteries from UPS from the Netherlands. The Netherlands distribution center must support Europe, as I am still in Vienna. The boxes contain everything I needed to ship the batteries back to Apple with no expense to me. But my only question is, why should I? Less than 20 of the five million batteries Sony made have caused problems, less than 5 have actually caught fire. With four battery packs I'll never run out of juice even after the nine hour flight to NY for the holidays. Besides this, what exactly is Sony going to do with 5 million batteries? They are a environment headache and in such as mass quantity you can't just simply bury them somewhere. So I look at it as doing them a favor.

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