Wednesday, October 25, 2006

IBM Secure Trade Lane Goes "Drinking"

On Friday, at the RFID Journal Live conference in Amsterdam, IBM along with several of its partners and clients will be making a significant announcement around its Secure Trade Lane solution. Without spilling the beans or in this case the "drink" (that's a hint) the team will be announcing a new pilot project using the technology.
But the significance of this announcement isn't the technology, the reality is the technology has been available for several years. The real importance here is that for the first time, 3PLs, manufacturers, retailers and governments are now able to share reliable, real-time cargo shipment information in an open standards environment worldwide. Based on a Secure Trade Lane's Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) not only can the parties collaborate, it will also allow for the paperless documentation of all shipping manifests that will cut costs, enable faster customs processing and encourage international trade.

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