Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Number One Historic Logistician is....

Logisticians are dazzling masterminds who use ingenuity to transport cumbersome supplies across vast distances and over some of the world's most challenging terrain. These transportation experts used manpower and pure mechanical force to get things where they needed to be.

The Young Logistics Mastermind
Long before UPS and third-party logistics companies, these historic logisticians were laying the groundwork that powers commerce today. Over the next several weeks months I will unveil seven of history's most innovative logisticians as told by Philip Rudy a contractor for Diakon Logistics.

1. Alexander the Great: Great Logistical Innovation

Roughly 2,300 years after the life of Alexander the Great, this aggressive military leader is still revered as one of history's greatest tactical and logistical figures.

Shortly after assuming the Macedonian throne, young Alexander embarked on a conquest that would last the remainder of his life.

At age 21, Alexander led a group of 40,000 soldiers and 6,000 horsemen to Asia Minor with a meager supply of food. He carefully planned the timing of the sea journey and his 30 days of rations to last 10 days beyond the harvest date in the country he was attacking.

On land, Alexander's army could only carry a 10-day supply of food, yet they covered 19 miles per day. This fast pace would lead him across Persia and India with a group of men that would eventually exceed 90,000.

He is famous for saying, "My logisticians are a humorless lot. They know they are the first ones I will slay if my campaign fails."

Alexander the Great was a pioneer in logistical planning and efficiency.

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