Thursday, January 24, 2013

3. Sun Tzu: The Art of Logistics

Logisticians are dazzling masterminds who use ingenuity to transport cumbersome supplies across vast distances and over some of the world's most challenging terrain. These transportation experts used manpower and pure mechanical force to get things where they needed to be.

Long before UPS and third-party logistics companies, these historic logisticians were laying the groundwork that powers commerce today. Over the next several weeks I will unveil seven of history's most innovative logisticians as told by Philip Rudy a contractor for Diakon Logistics.

3. Sun Tzu: The Art of Logistics

This military theorist is famous for penning the book "The Art of War" more than 2,500 years ago. Tzu discusses the importance of logistics throughout the book. This ancient text is extremely modular, and many people have applied his principles to business, commerce and modern logistical challenges. The guiding principles of the book are centered on five key points.

According to Tzu, logistical strategies are the third most important point after calculations and quantities. Logistical strategies are even more important than the balance of power and the possibility of victory because logistical success determines these points.

Philosophically, Tzu emphasized the importance of effective logistical techniques in any endeavor.


Niels van Hove said...

Great post! I like the historical context. Haven't seen the Sun Tzu angle before. I used voltaire and Socrates in some of my blogs. And hey...we all have that problem of explaining what we do. Let's just keep doing it!!!


Ben Benjabutr said...

Hi Chris,

Can't wait to see who is on number one spot :)

Mahima Singh said...

This is nice information about logistics services. I saw history of logistics first time.

Aamway Logistics.

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