Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bio Shipping Bags

I recently received a package from a small outfit called Pilot and Captain which sells t-shirts, prints and arrival tags that recall the golden age of travel.  It certainly qualifies under the headline of "making supply chains rock". If you are wondering I ordered JFK and ZHR shirts.

Back to the reason for my post. The t-shirts arrived in a 100% biodegradable bag made by Ecoenclose, which is based in the USA.  The tagline on the back of the bag states "that within months of composting or landfill disposal this bag will entirely disintegrate" -- I was nearly as impressed with the bag as I was with the shirts. Great stuff.

While I have no reason not to believe it, the scientist in me wants to see this for myself.  I'll be burying the bag in my garden and keep you posted.

Note to Ecoenclose - a time lapse video would be a great PR move.

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Jessica Gomez said...

Me too! I've once see their products. And i was impressed. :)

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