Sunday, March 27, 2011

McDonald's Says "Meet Our Suppliers"

I was recently listening to a panel session from SXSW on Brand Journalism and in the discussion the panelists used the Moms Quality Correspondents campaign as a good example.

The concept is simple -- through the use of videos, McDonald's found some pie and apple sky moms to take a look behind Ronald's secret curtain including the fast food chains suppliers.  The concept is all about transparency.

I found this interesting because as more and more companies outsource to suppliers, suppliers become even more a part of their competitive advantage and some firms prefer to keep their suppliers confidential.  So now, by promoting these suppliers, they are opening them up to competitors both in their industry and outside, such as supermarket chains.

Take a look at Mickey D's suppliers for chicken McNuggets, coffee, beef and potatoes.  Watch here.

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