Friday, November 26, 2010

Gary Smith new Executive VP at Geodis

This morning I read the news that Gary Smith from IBM's Internal Supply Chain has joined long term partner Geodis as executive vice president.  While I am always disappointed to lose a fellow IBMer, this is a great opportunity for Gary and Geodis.

I had the pleasure of working with Gary for around five years, most recently handling the communications around the acquisition of IBM's logistics business by Geodis exactly two years ago next week.  In working with Gary late into the night what struck me most was his concern for this team.  He said over and over again that the transition needed to be flawless.  He wanted to make sure every employee understood why this was a good idea both for IBM, Geodis, but most importantly for their careers.

So in the end it looks like Gary took his own advice and he will be reunited with a stellar and passionate team at Geodis. And for IBM we get an even stronger partner in Geodis as they look to grow their 3PL business globally.

Here is a little parting gift for Gary from a photo shoot for a trade magazine back in 2005.  This photo didn't make it into the magazine, but I hung on to it for just the occasion.  Good Luck Gary.

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