Thursday, January 07, 2010

Goodbye Manfacturing Business Technology Magazine

As reported by Jim Brown on his blog, the veteran magazine, Manufacturing Business Technology is closing shop.

I've been a big fan of this trade magazine since I came into SCM back in 1996. Back then I first met some of the MBT team including Kevin Parker, Sid Hill and Roberto Michel at NDES in Chicago and I always recall great discussions and insightful viewpoints.

While I don't think this points to any negative trend in supply chains, because they are still just as critical today as ever before, it does point to a massive change in the way people get news.

I'm not sure how long the MBT blogs will remain up or the website for that matter, but if you never turned the page of this venerable publication give it a click to show your appreciation for what they have achieved over the years. 

If you are a fan of MBT like me, share thoughts and comments below to let the team know.

Best of luck guys.


Unknown said...


Thanks for the post. I also think supply chain management will continue to be vital. The change is more so in the number of independent software vendors and the focus of B2B trade communications. Today, there is less focus on choosing software apps, and more so on end-user strategies, tactics, and decisions.

Anonymous said...

The closing of this publication does not point to a decline in the importance of supply chain. Rather, it demonstrates the shift in the way people are consuming media. Perhaps the publisher did not position the publication properly for the shift from print to electronic. I do know the editorial quality has been lacking for quite some time.