Monday, May 18, 2009

Is WEEE forgetting something?

This weekend I indulged and bought myself an expensive present that I've had my eyes for for about a year. The gift was a pair of Bang & Olufsen earphones. And as I imagined they sound as good as they look. Really, remarkable.

On opening the package just past the instruction manual (why headphones need instructions is beyond me), I found a 10 page guide stating that the headphones are WEEE compliant in about 10 languages.

If you don't recall WEEE is the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment act that was passed a few years ago. The basis of it is to eliminate electronics equipment from hitting landfills. It's a big part of any green supply chain for electronics manufacturers. Now don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that my new headphones are WEEE compliant, but did they need to print it on a separate paper booklet? Sure, paper recycles, but doesn't this in a way defeat the purpose? The overall end goal here is to eliminate waste, not create more of it.

So B&O good job on the headphones, good for making them WEEE compliant, but how about savings a few trees while you are at it?

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