Friday, February 27, 2009

Must See TV: New Supply Chain Sitcom?

Well, you won't see this sitcom on NBC after Heroes on Thursday nights, but that shouldn't stop you from checking out the new series from Kinaxis.  More specifically, the folks at Kinaxis, are using social media to get some name recognition in the clouded field of supply chain solutions with a new, amusing and entertaining online sitcom called Married to the Job.  The show revolves around four colleagues each with a supply chain job role.  In the first episode the team leader and director of supply chain gives some poor advice to the supply manager and the sloppy demand manager. A little miscommunications takes place, chaos ensues and we wait to see what happens next in a future episode.    I can only salute the creativity here, because it certainly supports what I have been doing with this blog, which is to make supply chains understood by all.  So thumbs up Kinaxis, I look forward to the next webisode.

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