Sunday, July 06, 2008

New milk jug cuts logistics costs

In an effort to trim costs the milk industry in the USA is introducing a more efficient milk jug. The basic difference, it is stackable without the use of plastic milk crates and its square so more can fit on a pallet. All good things. Of course some nitwits are having challenges pouring the milk. For them, stores like Sam's Club are offering demonstrations on how to use the new jug. How sad is this? Anyway, supply chain innovation is at work here. Hat's off to the team that designed it.


Christian said...

Interestingly there seems to be a lot of consumer feedback around the fact this new jug makes pouring milk more difficult and spills milk all over the place. This is a unique opportunity for somebody to design a small tool to facilitate pouring. It's so interewsting to see many people are ready to complain, very little are thinking about the opportunity this could create.

Christopher Sciacca said...

Great point. As an American though, I feel comfortable in saying that I pity these people. They simply need to make some small adjustments and look at the big picture here.