Monday, June 23, 2008

Outsourced - The Movie

Another example of Hollywood using the supply chain for cinematic inspiration. While it contains a love story as well, "Outsourced", is about a Seattle-based US company that sends its customer fulfillment center to India leaving the manager of the center to go to India to train his replacements. While there are some funny bits and pieces to the story, it is a story that we hear about often. And its not a bad thing. Part of globalization is focused on this and it creates opportunity for all of us. For example, the main character Todd Anderson, could become a high paid consultant helping other companies shift their call centers to India.

And what better experience then doing it himself. Also, by employing, once unemployed people, in this case in India, the world economy grows, adding to the growing middle class.

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FoxfireWMS said...

This was a great movie!

Kendall Gordan, SE