Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New GAO Report on Port Security: The Good and the Bad

Supply chain security should be as strategic for a Chief Supply Chain Officer/Vice President, Supply Chain, as reducing costs and driving value for the company. There I said it and I believe it. For any supply chain executive that is committing to anything less is selling his/her company short.

Speaking of security, the GAO published a new report today on C-TPAT and its flaws. Frankly, I'm not surprised. The endeavor is a huge one that Robert Bonner put forth in 2001 and its going to take time to make it work flawlessly. And its going to take both the public and private sector to succeed. I applaud Sen. Susan Collins from Maine, who said the report shows the importance of the private sector's continued cooperation in helping improve port security. "I will continue to work with DHS and the private sector to ensure the effectiveness of the crucial port security program."

This is critical. But corporations are going to need to make security a priority. We need to realize that their is only one supply chain for all of us around the world. If anything happens in one port it can and WILL effect us all with delays and possible extra charges. Understanding this simple premise can make dedicating the right resources to this effort much easier to invest in.

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