Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My New Car Exists

On April 16 I posted an article about the new BMW I had purchased after finally giving up on shipping my Mini Cooper to Europe from New York. When I purchased the car I was pleasently surprised to learn that on a regular basis I could inquire about the manufacturing status of my new ride. Last week it went into production, later in the week it was painted and as of today it's finished and ready for pick up.

I'll be picking it up myself at BMW Welt the automakers spiffy new manufacturing and customer center in Munich, Germanhy on May 30th. At the site I'll be given a tour on the manufacturing process and you can bet that I'll document the entire thing. So stay tuned.


Silvia said...

so you're coming to Germany...so sad that it's not a BMW...you would have picked it up close to Hannover :-)

Silvia said...

VW ---I was meaning to say :-)

Christopher Sciacca said...

While I did look at VW, BMW won me over.