Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Leading Supply Chain Magazine Goes Green

So I am back from my holiday in the South of France and once I go through my photos I will share some logistics insights with you.

This week I would like to shine some light on a great idea from a leading manufacturing and SCM magazine - Managing Automation. I've worked with this publication for many years and have been a long time subscriber. Now that I live in Europe receiving the hard copy of the magazine isn't really an option, so I recently opted to receive the free digital edition, which has the same look as the hard copy. While digital editions of magazines is nothing new, the fact that the magazine will donate $1,000 to the American Forests Organization for every 1,000 digital subscribers, is a fantastic idea. The magazine estimates that $1,000 will plant between 75 to 100 trees.

I would like to promote this to my blog readers to sign up for not only the magazine's worthy content but to also reach that $1000 mark. You can subscribe by clicking here.

Also check out the cover story from April on Boeing supply chain for the new 787 Dreamliner.

Great idea guys and bravo.

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