Friday, September 22, 2006

Global Sourcing in Croatia

I'm tired of this line, but I'll use it anyway. As the world become flatter supply chains are expanding to all parts of the world to leverage the best talent and skills, not to mention government incentives and access to emerging economies. This week I just happened to meet up with an employee of the World Bank Group's European Investor Outreach Program. She is responsible for getting corporations to look at Croatia as a place to open up shop, with call centers or software development labs.
After a 30 minute conversation I knew plenty about Croatia and why companies such as Siemens and Ericsson established locations there years ago. When I asked her why more companies haven't looked at Croatia she gave me several reasons, but they could be summarized in one word education. Outside of the region Croatia is still viewed as a war torn country, when in fact locally its becoming a major tourist destination. Many outside of the region don't realize that the war has been over for 10 years. With access to the water logistics challenges are minimized and the universities are churning out a lot of computer science talent. So maybe what this country needs is a catchy slogan like, "The War is over. Time to Love Croatia."

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