Friday, August 18, 2006

A Cargo Container Grows in Brooklyn

I could blog about the efforts of US Customs & Border Protection and its dog patrol in Seattle who used gamma-ray technology on a container that potentially could have contained explosives, but that's been written about plenty. Plus, its Friday and I am leaving for a six month work assignment in Vienna tomorrow. So I figured humor might be a better approach.

More interestingly then bomb sniffing dogs is the fact that a cargo container somehow was delivered and remains about 100 feet from my house in Brooklyn, NY. At first I thought maybe one of my loyal blog readers sent it to me as a belated birthday gift. Not so. Upon closer inspection it seems that the NY utility company, ConEd, will be using the container to store equipment as they tear up the street around the corner. I asked the foreman why a cargo container and he was surprisingly knowledgeable and said that ConEd buys the containers at a cheap rate from 3PLs after they can no longer be used in regular service. Then I asked him how long it would be on my block, since parking is already at a premium, and he said, "as long as it takes." Ahh, Vienna here I come.

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