Monday, July 17, 2006

Educating the Public on Supply Chain Security

Sorry for all of the recent postings regarding security, but its sorely needed. With a proposal on Capitol Hill that requires inspecting every container that enters the US to the recent absurd article in the NY Times that includes an Amish Popcorn manufacturer and a petting zoo as potential terror targets, education is in dire need.

If you missed the article, it's based on a new Homeland Security report that lists all of the potential terrorist targets. Unfortunately, the report is only as good as the data in it, which is from the State level. So the States actually listed the Amish Popcorn manufacturer and the petting zoo as targets, probably to get funding for some other more realistic projects.

To help educate public officials and the general public at large over the next several months IBM along with US Customs & Border Protection and several universities will be hosting a number of events. The objective is to eliminate some of the silliness, such as the Dubai ports fiasco to the current proposal on the Hill, that seems to attach itself to a very serious issue.

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